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Web Design and Development: That First Impression

More and more, your homepage is your customer's first look at you, and your web design defines your virtual identity. Deveris understands this business fact of life. In this increasingly cookie-cutter web landscape, our in-house design team will utilize cutting-edge web technology and design applications to make your website stand out from the others, to make it unique. To make it you.

Our design team will work closely with you to ensure that what you envision for your web enterprise is what you will see on your website. No detail is too small, no challenge too large. If we can't find it, we'll make it. For you.

Deveris Technology Tools:
ASP.NET Webforms
Ruby on Rails
Database Solutions and Integration: A Key Trust

A flourishing enterprise depends on knowing where it has been as well as knowing where it is going. It depends on data. Gathering relevant data, maintaining data, and keeping data safe. Deveris understands this charge. We will identify your business needs and processes and tailor a data gathering and maintenance solution to power your new online enterprise. We will also seamlessly integrate your existing data methodologies with these new data sources.

Our data solutions include:
SQL Server database design, development, and maintenance
SQL Server performance tuning
Data analysis
Data warehousing
Data archiving
Backup and disaster recovery
Reporting Services
Web Application Development: Coding for Business

Web and software development is a distinct breed, and requires innovative design and programming solutions. Our development team will work closely with you to recreate and virtualize doing your business. We will provide you with all aspects of your business processes, working for you beneath detailed, functional, intuitive user interfaces. We will also create oversight mechanisms and reporting solutions to make sure your work is working for you.

Our team brings a variety of programming solutions to the table to devise your custom web application. To give you exactly what you need, right at your fingertips. Whether we are building on your existing foundation, or building from the ground up, we will give you exactly what you need to be successful.

Web Application Development Tools:
ASP.NET WebForms
Ruby on Rails
SQL Server reporting services
Project Management

When we sign on to your project, we shepherd every aspect of the timeline, end to end and beyond. Deveris understands that time is the rarest commodity. We work to keep your project on track and provide deliverables when we say we will. We work closely with you in the initial stages of your project to gather as much information as possible to create a web application that meets or exceeds your requirements. We consult with you throughout the application development phase, demonstrating milestones and progress, on time. We will also train your personnel to use your new application, and we will follow your progress and provide help for as long as you need it.

Mobile Apps

Do you need to access your web application on the go? Do you customers want to? Deveris’ software team has the capabilities to provide a mobile version of your web application, optimized for one or more mobile devices. Just take your pick. Tell us what you want.

Web and Application Hosting: Delivering the Message

Once we make your web application go, you want it go fast. Deveris understands this requirement. Our state-of-the-art web servers provide the power and flexibility required to make your application scream. And, in addition to speed, our web-hosting services will make sure your application remains up, under virtually any circumstances, and we are dedicated to keeping your application and data safe and secure.

Deveris web hosting solutions:
(Operating systems)
(types of servers, or something general such as “state-of-the-art” high capacity servers)
(Specific hardware configurations)
CMS Systems
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has evolved into a science almost overnight. Using the latest, ever-evolving SEO technologies and techniques, Deveris will make sure your name and your application’s webpage will consistently land at the top of internet searches of your discipline.

Help when and where you need it

Deveris offers you options for managing and navigating the increasingly complex hardware and software terrain of the Web. A successful, sustained web application requires a disciplined, detailed approach to hardware and software configuration and maintenance. We will devise optimum hardware and software solutions tailored to the needs and future growth of your enterprise, and we can develop a help support package that is in line with your level of need.

Deveris can host your web application for you, letting you focus on your business while we focus on your technology. Our IT hosting services include hardware and software maintenance and support (including monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery) and IT management services (such as budget planning, project management, and security assessment and design).

Deveris offers different, customizable Virtual IT packages that will fit your budget and site requirements. In addition lifetime bug reporting, Deveris offers 24x7 and hourly application monitoring support options, anti-spam/anti-virus/anti-spyware monitoring, product evaluation and recommendations, and 3rd-party technical liason support.


Your top-flight e-commerce site requires high-quality, smashing images of everything in your catalog. Deveris appreciates this, and maintains our own in-house photography studio with state-of-the-art digital photo equipment, photographic software, as well as photo manipulation software.

Our expert photographic team will match your product photos to the aesthetic design of your e-commerce site, and utilize cutting-edge photo effects and innovative angles and lighting to emphasize product features, craftsmanship, and quality. We also offer interesting ways for your customers to interact with your photos, including thumbnails, and mouse-over zoom, rotation, and pan features. We will also incorporate custom photography to enhance the overall design of your custom website.

Brand Identity and Development: You, in a Nutshell

Creating and developing a brand and, more globally, a brand identity is a critical and complex process. Deveris understands this and will work closely with you to design a visual brand for your new web application. We will also cultivate a brand awareness that accurately and effectively expresses how you want your product to be perceived by your user and, by extension, how your user perceives you and your company. We will also take care of the legal requirements, such as trademarking and stylemarking, required to make and keep your brand unique. Deveris will then manage your brand, positioning it competitively within the marketplace and creating effective drivers to create brand loyalty.

Innovative Social Marketing and Media: Making the List of Favorites

Internet Social Media sites offer new, exciting territory to market your name and message to your online customer. Deveris understands this power. We use the functionality of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to target your specific customer and bring them to you. Social Media marketing places the marketing focus directly on your customer, giving you even more for your marketing dollar.

Social Media sites:
User Education and Problem Solving

Deveris web application services include customizable desktop support for you and your employees. In addition to one-on-one, real-time problem solving, by phone or in person, we provide in-house and online software training. We can solve and track your issues with our help-ticket sysetem which identifies and addresses recurring issues, change management, and workflow control. We also provide employee intranet and inter-business management support tools such as blogspheres, online chat, help forums, web collaboration sites, and filesharing.